Monday, January 15, 2007

it's an epidemic!

isn't she cute?
my little sis.
due next month.
thinks she is so big-
but she's not,
I think I was that big at 5 months.
ha ha.

she's the first due,
then I have two sister-in-laws due in May,
another sister in June,
another sis-in-law in July.
crazy stuff going on!

not me.
5 is plenty.
lots and lots.

so, today Sadie was turning on the tv,
and brought the remote to me and asked me to find a kid show,
because "there is only human shows on."
I thought that was too funny.
I think she wanted cartoons.
silly girl.


Shelley said...

Cute picture! She is tiny. Crazy Jill. Human shows. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is FUNNY! Submit it to Readers Digest. Get some moola. Ha ha ha! Cute Sadie.

Kim said...

So cute! Love this pic.

jessica said...

Great picture, you'll have to do some of me when i get big!!! Im so excited. by the way, i think Kaylani is due in April, not May!