Friday, January 19, 2007


another project-

well, sort of.

apparently she needs shoes and underwear, and pajamas,
and a friend for Maggie.

what have I started?
and here I thought I was just finishing up another project.
ha ha.

but her dressis reversible
to a cute pink gingham.
that was a little trickier for me to figure out than it should have been.
but I did it.
and it's pretty cute.
just don't look too closely!

I wanted to name her betty.
Cory says- like ugly betty?
okay, she is funny looking,
but I was leaning towards the betty spagetti dolls that were at sadies playschool that had long arms and legs, much like Lilly here,
but sadie wants Lilly, so Lilly it is.
and her hair is pretty thin.
doll hair is tricky.
another thing I have much to learn about!


jessica said...

neat. what's it made of?

Kim said...

So cute! I love dolls like that! You are so talented.

Andrea said...

Very cute. I think my girls need some too.