Friday, January 12, 2007

Dr. Jedkle and Mr. Hyde

so, Jed informed me a few days ago that he would be having pizza at lunch at the school on Friday. a class party? no.
apparently his name was drawn from the Listening Ears monthly draw and I quote"which recognizes students who listen and follow directions the first time they hear them."
my Jed.
I am convinced the kid that is at school is a completely different kid than I see at home. he is the one that when you ask him to do something he will stand there and say no to you at least 3 times, and only move to do it, when you move towards him to make him do it. what a turkey.

so, I caught a tiny bit of Oprah yesterday. I wish I had written down what the girl I saw said, cause it hit me - hard.
she had had gastric bypass surgery and lost a ton of weight, and looked super cute- but apparently after you have that surgery you can't eat- ??? I wasn't too clear on that, but anyways, the girl was saying she was having a hard time still with food, because it was her friend, the one thing that was there. I could relate with that. how she said it made so much sense, and of course I can't remember exactly, but that is a bit how I feel. food is always there, makes you feel good, for a bit anyways.
I just need to get past that.
not eating just to eat.
eat meals, small helpings,
healthy snacks.
I will try.
but I know - easier said than done.

okay, today, I am finishing a quilt I started over a year ago- I don't even like it anymore, so I am going to donate it to the school, they are collecting blankets to donate somewhere- so that is my big plan for the day!! finish it, and maybe even drop it off at the end of the school day, if I can get it done by then!

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Shelley said...

Did you finish the quilt??? I am weak... I spent ALL day crocheting a dish cloth. But I think I have it down!!