Wednesday, January 31, 2007


by Andrea to tell you 5 things you might not know about me.

1. I played the oboe in junior high band. I sometimes wish I still knew how to play it- they have a community band here that would be fun to be in! I remember when I was in band they had a night class for parents so they could learn too! who knows, maybe I can pick it up again!

2.clowns creep me out. always have, probably always will.

3. I made some homemade granola a couple of weeks ago. so yummy. Cory informed me this morning that it is his favorite! wow.

4. I have not been keeping up with my resolve to not start any new projects, but I will renew that resolve, and now not start any new ones, but finish the pile from before, and the new ones I have started since, before I pull out anything new!

5. I am starting to like green peppers, beans, and onions. as a kid- no way would I eat them, now I will. but still no mushrooms. no way.

I will now tag cory's cute cousin Kayli, and Jessica.

I was supposed to start babysitting two very sweet girls today, but the older one got the flu last night. sad. Sadie was looking forward to it! they adore Maggie, and I don't know that she adores them as much, but it will be good. just a few days a month. The kids don't have school today. I have no idea why. but Cory sounds sick- he is a bit hoarse, but feels fine, but is taking the day off because the people at work will think he is sick! nice job huh? so anyways, he took the boys to get some 2x4's to start doing some framing in the basement! hurray! so it is all good.

okay, need to get Maggie happy, clean one more bathroom, and make some more granola. fun day ahead!


Andrea said...

That's hilarious that Cory took the day off. I'm sick but sound fine. That's not fair. Sometimes it's good to sound sick then atleast people know you're feeling nasty.
Do share the granola recipe!!! i need one.
Yea for framing basements. HOpe it progresses quickly.

Kayli said...

Oooh, me too...I want the granola recipe.
That's funny about clowns--maybe you had a scary experience as a child?
So is your basement completely unfinished right now, just cement?
Thanks for the tag, and I meant to say before that I love the layout you posted. It is so cute and the picture is completely sweet.