Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a quilt. some goals.

here it is. the cutest quilt-

thanks to Kelly McCaleb.

she has a great eye for color. wowsa. love it. thanks, girl.

I want a boy one now!for no particular reason, except they are so stinking cute! the one side closest to these words wasn't finished being bound yet. does that make any sense? but now it is done. and that silly girl finally did get pants on but not until much later in the day. she is getting quite the personality.

so, last night at FHE we talked about resolutions.

so I will share a few of mine, to maybe help me get on with them! maybe! so, I want to clean my room up- didn't get it all done yesterday (Shame) and keep it clean. I think this problem has been mine since childhood. time to overcome!

I want to be more organized. Cory said that is too vague. I need specifics, but that's all I can give you. I want to be more organized. if I knew more, don't you think I would be there? a bit at a time, and I will get there.

I want to fit in those jeans. I will, I will. more exercise, less chocolate.

scriptures. every day. even a bit. but some, everyday.

simple, right? no problem. I need to get going, cleaning, organizing, treadmilling, reading.

oh yeah, and I want to finish a few of the projects I have laying around. that quilt is done! yay, on to the next one!

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Kim said...

I want to keep my room clean too...for some reason it is so hard for me to do that. And wouldn't it be nice to tackle all those projects that have been started? I have so many I almost don't know where to begin. Cute quilt too!