Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yah, so..

that whole, no new project thing, yah, well, I started and finished this cute pink hat in 2 days.
at least I finished it, right?
that has to count for something! but I will not start any new ones until I finish 2 old ones. deal? I'll post them when they are done. to show you all!
so, some ladies in my ward are doing a biggest loser thing- in regards to weight loss, that is. and I thought, heck, I could use some motivation! yah, right.
I have exercised a bit more than I normally would have. but I just cannot stop snacking.
really need to work on that.
so, apparently a big storm is heading our way.
supposed to get 6? I might be off- inches of snow tonight.
supposed to go down to -35 on Thursday.
fun stuff.
I think I will get some buckets filled with water,
for our food storage and all.
makes me realize how behind I am in that too.
sad stuff.
sheesh. I am a sorry person lately. I need to get my butt in gear, stop eating and get doing those things I need to do.
but aren't they cute?
okay, off to fill buckets, and do a load of laundry!
happy Tuesday!


kellymccaleb said...

ooooo! love that hat!

Andrea said...

very cute hat and very cute photo

Talia said...

i love love love love love that pink hat! i may need to buy one from you for gabby...i'm all about pink and flowers for my girls, how could i resist! and ya, we should totally scrap sometime...would be fun!