Monday, January 29, 2007


well, first off ,
what's a blog post with out a picture?

or a scrapbook page!
I haven't done many yet.
I have tried.
I sit
and look,
and look at my messy table,
pull out a few things,
and move on.
doing it this way,
it takes me about a week to do one page.
I am usually a 20 min. max. kind of scrapper.
in need of some inspiration.

do you ever get in those moods that you walk through your house,
and it is a mess,
and you just want to toss stuff away?
I feel that way today.
I should get going on that!
we want to develop our basement-
and yesterday we went to my sister Andrea's house for dinner,
and saw her awesome basement!
the room! the niceness of real walls and doors.
ahh. that would be nice!

so anyways, in order to get working,
we need to clean it out a bit.
hard to get anything done with stuff everywhere.
I know all about it.

well, it is supposed to get colder here at the end of the week.
we were spoiled the last couple weeks with above 0 temperatures.
now anything below 0 is just soooo cold.

okay. I am going to go fill up a box for give away,
and a bag of garbage, and won't stop until I am done!!


Shelley said...

LOVE the picture! She is such a cutie. And your page is fabulous as always! Hope you filled your box! I still need to fill mine! I just need the time... and the boxes- I have some at school but keep forgetting to bring them home!

Kayli said...

So Kristi, I am wondering, what is your scrapbooking goals? I mean, do you have a book for all your kids, and one for you, or what? Just wondering. I love your style. Loved it when I saw some pages years ago at Aunt LaVerle's house.
(And if you are wondering, I am Kayli Rasmussen Bell...Cory's cousin, Brian's age. I found you accidentally through twopeas and have been reading your blog since.)

Andrea said...

Good luck with the tossing. I'm doing that today because tomorrow is the day of dropping junk off.

Kim said...

cute layout! after I read your blog I was thinking I should fill a bag of stuff to throw out! Thanks for the motivation.