Thursday, April 10, 2008


1. that is the number of people that were in my house this morning. then 6 of them left for school, and now one is napping, and one will soon be napping. crazy. 13. wow.

2. see what I mean about teaching Ikea a thing or two! 12 kids, in that whole big play place. sad.

3. this year I have a goal to get a really good food storage going. basic, but good. yah, and right now I have no sugar in my house. that is sad. very sad.

4. I have two kids going to birthday parties this weekend. good times. I hate buying presents. really, what can you get that will be used, and great? I have a hard time with that. so we are going to make marshmallow shooters.
now this, I am excited about! we are putting them together tonight. fun.

5. I hear rumors from the weather man that there is a chance that it could get up to 20 degrees this weekend. here's hoping.

6. I am aching to take my kids out and do a photo shoot. for some reason the kids don't want to participate. might have to get some good bribes out. especially if it is super nice this weekend!

7. I read a great book- it was in the kids section of the library- called Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. makes me want to go out and get a ride on mower- or even better, get Ben one- since the main character is a 12 year old boy. it is cute. took me a bit of the day yesterday to read it, then I gave it to Ben to read, and he had it done by supper time. quick read. good book.

8. ever since reading Cory's cousin Kayli's blog where she talked about fresh salsa, it has been at the back of my mind. haunting me. and it was a while ago that she posted about it. Book club is at my house next week. I do believe I will be serving fresh salsa. yum.

9. and I think I really need to try these- the cake balls, that is. they look delish. and if I have a good excuse like book club to make them, all the better, then I won't just have me to eat them. although our attendance at book club is kind of lacking. oh well, more for me!

10. Maggie has informed me she will use the potty on Friday. why Friday, I don't know, but hey, maybe she will. that would be great.

11. I thought girls were supposed to be easier to train than boys. my girls have not been easier, or done it earlier. what is up with that?

12. Sadie has informed me that when she is a mom she is going to have as many dogs as she has kids. hmm. we shall see about that.

13. alright, time to get the other little one off to her nap. yay. I think she might not go down too easy, but hey, once she is out, good stuff.


Lynn said...

I LOVE your "13" lists. So funny. Marshmallow shooters? Who comes up with these ideas? WHat a great one though! I think that would be a perfect gift. My boys would go nuts over that.
Homemade fresh salsa? Can't keep it in the fridge long at fact it can't even make it to the fridge! I need to make me some more now....See ya!

Andrea said...

Hilarious about having as many dogs as kids. Hopefully she'll only have one.
Enjoy the warm weekend.

kaylani said...

I have a recipe for fresh mango salsa which is always a hit, too. Sooo yummy! All my boys like it, which is nothing short of a minor miracle!

Lynn said...

Kaylani! Please post your recipe too!