Saturday, April 26, 2008

this weekend

-carpet is being installed in my basement! yay!

(cory has scheduled the boys to move in on Monday night for FHE activity)

-need to finish a quilt

basically so I can start another one and not feel too guilty. I got a book from the library- Denise Schmidt quilts- and oh my. I so want to make a whole bunch of them!

-I stopped at our local thrift store and almost everything was half price. yay! I bought a bunch of muslin- not sure how big the piece is, but it is pretty big. I think it might be part of a Denise Schmidt quilt!

-science fair project is being worked on. Tuesday is the big day.

some friends of ours daughter is doing a project on fudge. She needs taste testers. I said I would be more than happy to help out! I am nice like that. heehee.

- due to the carpet being put in in the basement, the upstairs is even more packed and messy than usual, and it is driving me crazy. I just can hardly wait for the day- hopefully very soon- when I will have a basement.

- and those cake ball things. dangerous. dangerously delicious. ate way, way too many of them.


Andrea said...

yea for carpet and having a basement. Can't wait to see it!
Feel free to make me some cake balls. Or a quilt. Or whatever...

Lynn said...

Oh you are SO nice to be the taste tester. I would love to be one too. Sign me up!
YAy for the basement. Make sure to take pics of the boys moving down there. Some day they will look back and wonder what it was even like before then.

Marcia said...

It's going to be so nice when it's all done and everything is back in it's place.

I've been wanting to try those cake balls. What a brilliant idea eh?