Friday, April 18, 2008

weird and wonderful

now this is just weird.
Jed got this moose mask at his piano party.
his piano teacher has about 2 parties a year at her house- where they play a song, and watch a
piano-y type movie, and eat treats. then they get prizes, I think, like this wonderful moose mask.
Jed even wore it to school for a few days.
he loves it.
I think it is weird.

then the wonderful. just me and Maggie. playing around. coloring. doing nothing.
I really need to do something, the to-do list is long.
but it is so much easier to just do nothing.


Lynn said...

LOL! Funny mask. Still trying to put the piano party and mask connection together. Still a cute mask.
Love the way you just take time to sit back and enjoy each one of your kids. The to do list will always be there. The kids won't. Enjoy it. But I am sure I don't need to tell you that. You are awesome.

Andrea said...

Interesting mask. Cute photos of maggie.
nice to do nothing. I wish I could do nothing.

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