Thursday, April 24, 2008

good things

1. the salsa is chilling- the flavors blending. oh, so good!

2. the cakeballs, well, they are sitting on the counter tempting me. I am wondering if it will be worth the effort to add some white chocolate swirls on them. or leave them.
they are messy to make, but I think it will be worth it all.
I haven't eaten one yet- really,
but I think I will soon.
very soon.

3. I thought maybe I had been cursed for saying no to the babysitting job last week- every day I was supposed to babysit this week fell through.
but today, I am babysitting. yay. ka-ching- more money for the trip! heehee

4. probably a good thing I didn't babysit- with my sick kids and all.
Ben is home again today, but will probably be going back at lunch. Jed started out home, but felt good enough to to in, I think he really didn't want to miss the carnival the school is putting on today.

5. hope he doesn't throw up at school. that would be bad.

6. If you do click on that link to the blog that is giving away my tutu, you just might see the link that is to a site that has links to over 500 blogs that are all doing give-aways, but you might not want to do that, because it might take up a whole morning- you entering contests, and you might decrease my chances of winning any I might have entered. so you better not do it. really.

7. my book for book club this week is about decluttering, looking around my house, I think I should get busy before the ladies come over tonight!

8. My sister is going to have a baby soon. very soon. any day now I am awaiting the call! can't wait to see it , and take some pictures! I started knitting a little sweater, so the baby can be warm in this cold weather we are having! I better get busy with that!

9. what is for lunch at your house? we are stuck in a serious macaroni and cheese- with hot dogs in it, of course- rut. even grilled cheese has fallen by the wayside. what else can we have? I need help. anyone?

10. that reminded me- when Jack was home sick he kept saying he was weak and dizzy, and Cory said that he could take a nasty spill down the stairs and subject himself to further school absences.
oh so funny. that Ferris Bueller. gotta love him.

11. I can't wait for The Office tonight. oh so funny. I found the piano music for the theme song on the internet, but we have no ink in our printer. I tried to email it to Cory, so he could print it at work, but he said something was wrong with it. sad. that would be fun to know and play!

12. I just thought of something good to write, but it has escaped me. sad when that happens.

13. just heard the scool bell for lunch, better get that water boiling for the mac & cheese!


Shelley said...

Mac and Cheese. I had that for lunch Tuesday & Wednesday so I can't help much. Leftover pizza on Monday and peanut butter and jam sandwich today. Grilled cheese sounds good right now. What about Toad in a Hole? I am going to try making that with my students this year. Or pita pizzas. That's all I got.
Send some of those baby pictures my way when he/she arrives. can't wait.
Cory's a funny guy. Can't wait for the Office either. Is Jim gonna purpose. Yeeee.

Lynn said...

That's just what I was going to say. Making our own pita pizzas these days has been a hit. All kinds of fixings to choose from. Kids love it. I love it, cause they will eat more things from all different food groups that way. Fruit on the side too. Yummy!
Make sure you post a pic of the baby sweater you are making when it's done. I wanna see it. : D

Andrea said...

We're in a lunch/ dinner rut too. We have pb and honey sandwiches. That's a hit. haha. I need help too, so hope you get good ideas.
Can't wait for the sweater.
That's hilarious.. wouldn't want to subject yourself to further school absences.
How's that for being born under the wrong sign?

Marcia said...

You are one busy girl! Looking forward to pics of that baby sweater.

jessica said...

I want that fresh salsa! you should post the recipe. it looked so delish on kayli's blog.
I like sandwiches, soup, scrambled eggs, and beans on toast. all easy, tasty lunches.