Monday, April 07, 2008


* Cory is back. yay! what a lot of driving! here's a picture he took from up in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. makes me want to go back there too!

*the kids are back to school again.

*Jed emptied out his bag this morning and gave me a note requesting that the kids indoor shoes get washed then sent back. too bad this was about 20 minutes before they needed to leave for school. so he was desperately trying to learn how to tie some lace up shoes so I could wash his indoor shoes. that is so sad that he is in grade three and can't tie his shoes. bad mom. very bad mom. I guess I should sit him and Sadie down and teach them both.


Andrea said...

Great picture. Nice there's no snow there. boo hoo for our snow.
Funny about the shoe note.
I think I will always empty bags.
Get teaching those tying skills.

Lynn said...

Awesome sight! My sister lives there and said how nice all the flowers looked on Temple Square. They get to have Spring!
I had to laugh about the Shoe tying thing...I too enjoyed just having my kids in their velcro shoes for a very long time. I just didn't have patience for teaching them to tie. One child just couldn't get it. He is now turning 12 and he finally got it!! Yay! I was worried that someone on his mission would have to tie his shoes for him everyday. : D