Thursday, April 03, 2008

what a week

1.we have done a bit of spring cleaning.
I had the boys cleaning the windows yesterday, but I ended up having to go and do them after, because I can reach higher.
such fun.

2. I also had the kids each pick a cupboard in the kitchen, and they emptied them out, then wiped and put the stuff back in. we got rid of a few things, and have a few more clean cupboards.

3. Headed out to Ikea with my sister today. the playplace was full, so we had to take all the kids along with us. we asked how many kids are allowed in there and they said 12. sheesh. I could teach them a thing or two! haha.

4. while I was in the area, I took some pictures of my cute little neices.
they are sweet girls.

5. and they love their mom and thier new baby that is coming soon!

6. Cory is leaving very shortly to go down to Salt Lake City to see general conference. lucky guy. but they are driving all night. not so fun. good times for him!

7. wow. a trip to the states, with not one shopping trip planned. that is just sad.

8. choclate cupcakes with whipped peanut butter frosting. oh so good. they are gone now. might just have to make more.

9. I started machine quilting my quilt-a-long quilt a few days ago, but once again I failed to baste it will, and it has lots of puckers. not sure if I should just finish it, or pick it out. I did a meanering stitch all over that would be a huge pain to pick out. man. someday I will learn my lesson. hopefully soon.

10. wow. is it only thursday? what a long week with children. but wait, then tomorrow is Friday, then the weekend then it is over! then back to waking up early in the morning. no fun.

11. I really need to make a list of things to accomplish this weekend, and get to it! love that I can sit all day and watch general conference, and also get things done! so great.

12. the packages of easter hersheys kisses were on sale for $0.66 at Extra foods. yep, I bought a few. okay, 6, I think. I should have bought more.

13. those kisses will most likely go to peanut butter blossom cookies, the kind that you bake, then when you take them out of the oven you put a kiss on top, then it gets all melty and delicious. oh yes, I think so.


Shelley said...

oh- those look yummy. Cute pictures of the girls. So fun.

Lynn said...

What!? Tell me more about those Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies! Is it just a plain or regular peanut butter cookie recipe that you use?
Man! Your cupcakes look delish too. Now I am SO hungry. : S

Andrea said...

what cute photos. hot momma. haha.