Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so fun!

so, Tara, over at her blog- Tara's view of the world is giving away this tutu from my etsy shop!
to enter you have to comment with something you like from my shop!
wow. how nice to read the things that people like!
if you want a chanceto win, check it out! it is a cute tutu.
she does say I am from Saskatchewan, which isn't right, but I am from Canada!
Due to blowing winds and slippery roads, busses were cancelled today, so I have Ben home today. when the busses don't run, there are hardly any kids at school, so it is kind of a wasted day. I will keep him home and put him to work here! haha. I did bundle the smaller kids up and sent them across the street. much to their dismay!
I am not sure if there will be seminary tonight- I teach home study- to the out of town kids, but I doubt any of them will be driving in.
the cubs were supposed to be going in to the Science Center, but that has been cancelled. they were going to look in the big huge telescope- but if you look in there now, all you will see is snow, snow, and more snow.
oh spring- where are you?


Lynn said...

Very cute! HAppy Snowed-in day!

Andrea said...

wow- you're going to be famous! This snow has got to go.