Wednesday, April 01, 2009


1. it was warmer. there was less snow. yay!

2. but the day we left was chilly. and we passed through a town where it had recently- like that morning snowed a few inches! but it was melting and slushy everywhere.

3. then I got back home and there is still tons of snow. but it is melting. slowly.

4. Maggie woke me up this morning and made me come to the front window to see the remains of a plant from our front garden that we can now see because the snow is melting. it was exciting.

5. isn't she cute?
6.on our way home we stopped in a city at Value Village. and had a good time. but it would have been even better if I had no kids, but you gotta do what you gotta do. bargains were found. good times were had by all.

7. Jed got these glasses at a thrift store. he calls them his Napoleon Dynamite glasses. he thinks he is pretty styling. the big boys bug him about them. but I think they are secretly jealous.8. two more days of spring break. Jack is dying to go to West Edmonton Mall. I think I would die if we did go. yikes. west ed on spring break? madness.

9. Joannes house is very tidy. my house is not. but I am thinking I will enlist my kids help and get my house to a tidier state today. I know that that means we need to get rid of some of the offending clutter. that could be difficult. but I will try my darndest.

10. and I am making cinnamon buns today. yum. just thought I would share that fact. and if you came here I would share the buns too.
just saying.

11. the dresses I was making for the girls for easter involved Shirring. and I tried it, unsuccessfully. I followed the instructions on the pattern, but it wasn't happening. then I looked on the internet to see if there was anything I was missing. and there was. use a large stitch size- like 5. it works like a charm. in case you were wondering.

12. Sadie by the pink door. why is it when you are other places you see all kinds of great places to take pictures, but not so much at home?13. this was on our drive home. probably not such a great idea to take pictures while you are driving. Just saying. but we didn't crash or anything like that. phew. Cory is leaving this afternoon with some youth and a friend to go to General Conference in Utah. after my little (comparitively) drive, I am glad it's not me. especially since they are not planning on shopping. I mean, really. what is a trip to Utah without stopping to shop? not the trip for me!


Andrea said...

i'll be there in a bit! I want to throw away stuff while eating cinnamon buns.

Lynn said...

My parents went down to conference too. Maybe they will see Cory and his troop there. : D

Joanne said...

I'll be there in a jiffy ( does 6 hours count as a jiff???) I'm glad you came and next time come and stay longer! fun pictures. now let me know what treasures you found at LE VILLAGE> i'm jealous!!