Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

in honor of earth day, I am going to -
reuse- we are having left overs for supper- hurray!
reduce- use less electricity tonight and go to bed really early- again.
I was in bed, lights out at 8:45, probably asleep at 8:46. the kids were probably all still awake, but I was so sound asleep, it just didn't matter to me.
recycle- I think I will go out and put all the milk jugs I have been throwing out the back door for a while now into a garbage bag (or two)- and stash them in the garage- out of every day sight. we are saving them until June when we can get a refund for them!
I think we should buy a barbeque with the money.
okay, I don't know that we have that many milk jugs, but maybe enough to make a nice dent in the price of a barbeque. yum. I do love to eat barbequed food.
happy earth day!


Andrea said...

wow- look at you all earth friendly.

Lynn said...

HAPPY earth day!

Can you get refunds for milk cartons?? Who knew!
We can't here. : ( Tried. Sad. We could of paid for all the kids braces with the amount of milk we go through.

They recycle them....we just can't get refunds for them.

Kami said...

That post was awesome!

Anonymous said...

You can get refunds for milk jugs as of june 1. We've been saving ours to.