Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. due to a lack of parent volunteers, I got to go to the Aviation museum with the grade 6's today. all day. it was okay. I think it was good because I didn't have to ride the bus. I drove because I had to drop Maggie off at my mom's house.

2. bus rides are yucky.

3. I am glad I was never bussed as a kid. although we did live pretty far from the elementary school. maybe we should have been bussed. but we were tough kids. kids now a-days - not so tough. I did catch a bus to high school, but it was a city bus, so it doesn't count.

4. an tomorrow- due to a lack of parent volunteers I get to go to an agricultural fair with the grade 4's. all day. not sure how it will be.

5. but I do have to take the bus. I hope it's a scholar hauler.

6. The weather has improved since Tuesday. thank goodness. but it is still a bit chilly for my taste. we had to go outside at the museum to look at a couple of airplanes, and it was very cold. yikes.

7. I learned a bit about airplanes today. (it wasn't a total waste!) I learned that now a-days, pilots don't actually have to fly planes to get their license. they only have to fly simulators. that is kind of a scary thought.
The guy was telling us his son got a job for some airline a while ago and had to fly a big plane with only 3 people in it, and land it 7 times, then he got the job. he said it cost about $5ooo an hour. and that is why they only have to fly simulators now. so I guess it makes sense.

8. and the guy was talking about that Hudson River crash a while back, and how well the pilot handled it. that is comforting. it was interesting. apparently the pilot landed the tail in the water first, which was good because then the jets both landed in the water at the same time, because if one jet went in first, the plane probably would have sunk.

9. I guess I did learn a bunch of stuff.

10. I wonder what I will learn about farm animals tomorrow.

11. so, when we were down south for Easter we got pictures taken by Rebecca Cooper- and she put a sneak peak on her blog here. check them out if you want. kind of fun. I can't wait to see them all- we did some fun stuff!

12. I was trying to be very good today and not eat any junk food- since easter and the chocolate everywhere I have not been very good with abstaining from the sweetness, and I was doing good. but my sister was in the states, and she brought me back a big bag of peanut butter m&m's. and I am not doing so good any more.

13. I have seen peanut butter m&m's up here, they used to be in more places, but now I only can find them at Sobeys, but she got me a big bag, for a fraction of the cost here. so delish!

I think I should head to the gym for a bit tonight.


Kayli said...

Oooooooh---I LOVE your pictures Rebecca took. You guys look sooooooo beautiful!

And I'm so jealous.

You'll have to post more when you get them.

Lynn said...

No. 3 - What???!! You missed out on SO much fun! 3 hours of fun everyday! Watching some other kid puke. Trying to open windows that didn't work. Listening to yelling between bus driver and some mouthy kid to keep you awake till you got home. Heaters that didn't that certainly kept you awake till you got to school...then of course, the window that you finally were able to get down on the puking day during the summer suddenly refused to go back up in the winter and so therefore the snow coming in was also a nice Christmas Bonus for your bus ride. : S

No. 7. - YAY! That is SO good to know! I will stop trying to crush my son's dream of being a pilot after his mission. Who knew! That is WAY cheaper than $5,000.00 an hr. We gotta look into this more now.

No. 11 - AWESOME pics! I voted for the vintage too. However, they truly ALL were beautiful!!!

Kami said...

Yeah! Now it only costs $4995 for each simulator ride to train to be a pilot. Trust me, we have the loans to prove it. Also, just FYI, I get motion sickness on the simulators just as much as in a real plane. But you can do cool things like fly under the San Francisco Bay Bridge and make it snow there too.

I LOVED your pictures, they look fabulous.