Wednesday, April 22, 2009

where I am going...

1. there will be a DI. - because thrift stores are always fun.

2. there will be a Sonic. ( and I am so getting some sonic ice. yum)

3. there will be Porter's craft store.

4. there will be a Joann's. and I hear they are having a sale that ends on Saturday. yay!

5. there will be a target. so much better than Walmart.

6. there will be a college I attended for 2 years.

7. there will be a girl I hear does amazing hair- that I am going to check out.

8. there is a new temple there

9.I really hope it is nice and warm there is a long drive, but I will be doing it with my parents and my sister Shelley.

11. I made some meals that are in the freezer, so my family can enjoy my home cooking even when I am not home.

12. I really need to go and pack! where am I going? if you guessed Rexburg, you are so right!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Kristi! Enjoy the break and all the shopping!

Joanne said...

i wanna come! and I was just at Joann's and it is fabulous! have fun. we almost stopped in Rexburg but didn't have the time. saw the temple from the highway-beautiful!

Lynn said...

I did guess right! Dean went to college there for 2 years as well. What years were you there??