Wednesday, April 29, 2009

look alike

so, I got my hair cut while I was in Rexburg.
it was fun.
the girl who cut my hair is Kelly McCaleb's sister- Nicole.
her little shop was cute. and she was so sweet.
and she said my hair was like Kirsten Dunst.-and not that she had ever cut Kirsten Dunst's hair, but my hair is what she thinks hers would be like. I thought that was funny.
it was fun.

then I kept bugging my sister Shelley that my hair was just like Kirsten Dunst, and don't I look like her- and I was basically driving her crazy-

but isn't that what big sisters are supposed to do?

and then we went to Kohls- and this sign was in the parking lot, so I had to get a picture.
(can you see the similarities? I think she meant the curl, and thickness. but it was fun while it lasted)
but my hair looks a bit wacky, and not a bit like Kirsten Dunst.
but it was cute, and sadly, will never look that way again.
in fact, Cory didn't even realize I had gotten a hair cut- because I basically just styled it like I always do.


Shelley said...

That picture doesn't do your cute do justice. I think it really did look like Kristen's do... before a day of shopping and wind!! You are a superstar!!

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oh goodness, I loved this post! So cute!! And don't you love those oh so unobservant husbands? Mine didn't notice my last cut AND color! LOL!

Kayli said...

That's soo fun!
If I ever go to Rexburg I want to get my hair done by Nicole too, in beachy curls of course. :)

Joanne said...

you are a superstar and your haircut is cute! way to be fun!!!

Lynn said...

That sign couldn't have said it better! So cute!