Thursday, April 09, 2009


1. it is supposed to reach a high of 14 degrees today. woohoo!

2. I made these little bird nests for Easter, and for my seminary kids, and of course for my kids!

all you do is melt 1 cup of chocolate chips, 1 cup of butterscotch chips, then you add in some chow mein noodles ( but make sure they aren't rancid- like the ones I had were! yuck. I did run to the store- for the second time yesterday and get some good ones!) then shape into nests on some waxed paper- when they harden add some yummy chocolate eggs! sweet.

3. we are getting family pictures taken this weekend! I am so excited. I have a couple of fun ideas which involve mustaches and suckers. so fun.

4. but getting to those pictures, and 0ur grandma's house first requires a 6+ hour drive. not so fun.

5. since our spring break trip, Maggie has taken to not only pooping in her diaper, but peeing too. and every time I try to talk to her about this craziness she covers her ears. the little stinker. I keep hoping one day it will all just click, but that day is sure taking a long time coming. I think I will have to take some drastic action- after our next trip. for sure. so tired of it all.

6. I am on track with my 5K training. I can run 6 minutes- mind you, not 6 minutes straight, but 6 minutes interspersed in 24 minutes.- but that is okay. next week we build up to 10 minutes running. I am actually excited for that. crazy, I know!

7. my sister who lived in Virginia is back there visiting right now. surely she is going to Joann's and Target, Kohls and Chipotle. probably a stop at Trader Joe's. oohh. I miss those places. someday maybe they will come to Canada, hopefully. but I am not holding my breath.

8. something I never thought I would see- on my boys-

but his blond streaks are pretty subtle. Jed got the leftover color on his head. he has a big chunk of light hair. funky. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing. no boys of mine can color their hair more than I do! I mean, really!

9. today- must tidy up. nothing worse than coming home from a trip to a messy house. yuck.

10. but Maggie is helping me out- she is mopping my dining floor right now! I love it!

11. the next time I post will be my 500th post. wow. that is a lot of blogging going on.

12. so, I thought for fun I would give something away! how about this sweet little crocheted bag! I made up two for my girls for easter- instead of a basket this is what they will be getting. but this pink one just doesn't match with their Easter dresses. egads! so one of you fine readers are welcome to it!

13. just comment- tell me anything- maybe how much you enjoy reading all my posts! hee hee. or maybe if you have a favorite post. or maybe just say hi.

and on Monday we will pick someone to send it to!


Anonymous said...

You know Kristi, I have two girls that would love it! Does it count twice if you're the first one to respond?? Have a good trip to Mom and Dad's and have a great Easter! Good luck with Maggie!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the Easter Treat recipe! So easy. I am for sure going to try that this weekend.

And thanks for the opportunity to win a KRISTI bag! Cool!

Good luck to everyone!

Andrea said...

Such a cute nest.
Have a fun Easter. And drive. Can't wait to see the photos.

Randa said...

oooh oooh pick me pick me!!!

Kami said...

Hi Kristi, I was going to respond anyway to tell you that I don't fit in my wedding dress either--that was when I lived on bagels and yogurt in college and not much else, but now this is even better because I might win a cute bag. Yeah!

jessica said...

OHHH! I actually really really LOVE that little purse. Kennedy loves purses, and gosh she would have a hay-day with that! so cute! you are way too freakin crafty for me!

Weird how it takes you guys 6+ hours to get to stirling and us only 4.5hours. I guess being 35 minutes away and travelling with 7 bladders will do it! have fun!

oh yeah, love the nests too!

Stephanie said...

Giveaways always get me out of my "lurker" mode! I do enjoy your blog quite a bit and always pop on to see what new little crafties you are pulling out of your hat!!

Shelley said...

So far I have been to Target, Kohl's and Joanns. With a need to return to all of them, for sure. Oh and the ribbon outlet. I spent a pretty penny, but I have a whole wack of ribbon to share- for a cost, of course. :) Gotta pay for this trip somehow! Hopefully will get to go to Chipotle & Trader Joe's soon. My best deal thus far was 3 tubes of toothpaste for 48 cents. I don't need toothpaste but 3 for 48 cents!! How can you say no. I am tempted to go back and get more.
And as you know, I LOVE that purse. And would LOVE to win it! But I am sure there is some little girl that needs it much more than I do!

Joanne said...

I have 3 girls that would love it and I love you and your fun fabulous posts! have a great easter and i can't wait to see the pics with the mustaches. so fun!!