Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my favorite store

I have a new favorite store.
unfortunately, they are only in the states.
but it was so fun- and I will be back, that's for sure!
it is called Real Deals.-
and we found some real deals.
really cute decorating things- like this sign that will be in my laundry room. they had really big ones- just like this, but room in our car was limited, so I got the smaller one. but just as fun. and of course- stars. because I have a thing for them.
and I liked how this one was a bit different- with the longer points at the bottom.

and this sign was on for really cheap. and I love it.
I hung it in my dining room, but cory says it is misleading. your eye follows the arrow - to nothing. I wish I could hang it above my fridge, but that just doesn't work. I might have to find a new place for it.

and this one- man, I could be a rich woman if I could really collect on that! it is a big sign- hanging in my hallway.

so fun. if I had more time, and space, and money - of course, I could have had a very, very fun time at that store. just my style, and the prices were very reasonable.
I like this store. it is so choice.
if you have the means, I highly recommend checking one out!

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Lynn said...

LOL! Love it! Those signs are SO cute and SO real!