Thursday, April 30, 2009

things on my mind

1. wondering if my house will ever get cleaned up.
I really don't think so.

2. artistic integrity. apparently I crossed the line. when is it okay to copy someones idea? maybe never. but really, aren't most things out there a version of something else?
can't dwell on this thought. it makes me get crazy.

3. I thought I bought a bag of peanut butter m&m's when I was in the states, but not sure where I stashed it. maybe my mom took it out of my bag at her house? hmm. I could use some of those right now.

4. I am doing good with the running. but not getting any thinner.
hmm. could be all the chocolate.
darn it.

5. I want to make some more quilts. for what? I don't know. but I am itching to sew some.

6. I bought this pattern, and want to make a bunch of them too.
7. survivor tonight. I missed it last week- due to my trip. so I am excited to catch up.
8. I want to make some yummy cookies. and eat them . hmm. why am I not losing any weight.
oh ya, I eat too many sweets.
9. too bad I really don't think I could stop that. that would be hard.
10. there is a Time out for Women here this weekend. and I am not going. and I am okay with that. but time away sounds good. but I guess I did just have a long weekend last weekend. and I sure do have a lot of stuff I could do around here.
11. okay, I am going to clean. and make some cookies.
and see if I can find some thread that matches a quilt I just pinned up and need to quilt. then I might do that this afternoon.
12. or I might just use white thread. I'm not picky.
13. boy, I have some random thoughts. and a lot of things I should be doing. must get off this computer!


Kayli said...

I'm curious about #2 ?

Joanne said...

yah who are you scraplifting off of? I'm glad you are home and had a fun trip!

Andrea said...

I say get rid of it all.
I'm on a purging rampage again. I don't want to pack junk.
Get a big garbage bag and be ruthless.
And ya.. I figure almost everything is a copy of something else with a bit of a change. I say if you change it a bit it's good, but what do I know about crafts? nothing.
That's why I stick to cleaning. Can't go wrong with that :)

the wild raspberry said...

love the bloomers!!!

Shelley said...

What??!! There might be peanut butter m&m's here?? I gotta go!