Monday, April 20, 2009

field trip recap

I learned that all day field trips are about a half a day too long.

on Jeds I was definitely done at lunch time.

maybe because I got reprimanded by his teacher for leaving thier group- when they had all gone to the bathroom, to follow another part of the school group to an auditorium where we all met up a few minutes later anyways. sheesh. I felt like I was just one of the kids. forced to follow the crowd. - I just wanted to tell her- I am an adult, and I can handle 5 kids. really. I can.

and I also was annoyed that I had to stay with my group- even though there were about 4 groups that were together- at all times- so when, for example, I had to go to the bathroom, I had to take all 5 kids, and they had to stand outside the bathrooms waiting for me. hmm. I didn't think they were any safer there unsupervised than if I had left them all at the booth with the whole group looking at the cows for 2 minutes. I don't get it.

but other than that- and the one crazy kid in my group, it was kind of neat. and I got Jed to pose with all the animal statues that were in all the booths.
isn't he so excited about the pigs? They had 2 pigs in a pen that were 8 months old- and were huge! crazy.
and the cows. there were a few different cow booths- one for beef, one about milk, a booth about eggs, one about chickens- where the adults got to hold a chick and the kids could pet them. and there were hand sanitizer stations everywhere- which was good, but the kids got a bit crazy with them by the end of the day.
then- the Aviation museum the day before.
good times.
there is a gift shop there, so before the field trip they suggest that each kid can bring up to $10. a few times I heard kids saying they really wanted more money. to buy what - I just don't know. most kids bought a foam plane that was pretty cool- and cost $3, or a propeller toy that was $2, but of course some kids had to buy 3 of whatever because they had money and had to spend it. I found that quite funny.

so, the kids got to sit in a fighter plane, while the tour guy showed them the controls. pretty cool.

and I saw this on a plane- right before the words was an arrow - pointing up to where the jack was stored, but I thought it was kind of funny.
and I think my field trip quota for the year is filled. maybe I can still go on one with Sadie's class- but definitely not a full day one. not this year anyways.


Lynn said...

LOL! The last one is a CUTE picture.

I hear ya on the field trips. I REALLY try and get out of them now. I am SO done for the year with field trips....I think the teachers are too....they seem be mean and nasty this time of year.

Kayli said...

Oh, I LOOOOOVE that you got in trouble from the teacher! Mainly because it makes me glad I'm not the only one to ever feel that way--and I only have 1 kid in school!!

Brett's dad is a hog farmer and I am always scared by the pigs--they ARE huge!

That Jed is sooo cute.

Joanne said...

you are a trooper! I LOVE that picture of jack and the plane. how cool is that?