Tuesday, April 21, 2009

too early

so so tired.
I switched my seminary days- with the other teacher,
so I could have Friday and monday off,
which were supposed to be my on days-
because I have big plans for the weekend.
big fun fabulous plans.
(which I will reveal at a later date)
but right now, it is only 7:30, and I really, really wish I was already in bed.
do you think my kids will let me get them to bed in the next 10 minutes so I can get into mine?
yah, I don't think so either. but one can dream.
oh, dream. I wish I was.
in my bed.
but I probably should get a lesson ready for early in the morning first.
oh, how I love seminary.
I really love that in just over a month it will be done for the year.
oh bliss- waking up at 7 am. instead of 5:30.
that is way too early for me.


Anonymous said...

can't you reveal just a little bit of your big weekend plans?? You have me really curious@

Lynn said...

Yeah...I agree with Shari. Totally curious now!

I hear you on the Seminary thing. We are counting down the days to Seminary Grad in May. Then no more until the fall.

Good thing you are getting in practice now for when your kids go to Seminary...and you still have to get up and get them there. ; )
It's been 10 years.....10 Looong years.....and OH....7 more years to go. *sigh*

What time is your seminary start? 6:30 here. I sure wish they had Seminary during school hours, like my lucky Utah nieces have it.