Monday, April 13, 2009


first things first-
we put the names in a bucket- and I had my sweet, young, beautiful assistant pull out a name, and this is the name she got- Shari! now your two girls might have to share! (let me know if you want me to mail it to you or just hold on to it until we see you guys!)
Thanks to you all for entering- that was fun. I still have much more yarn, and maybe later on I will crochet up another one to share the love!

Easter was nice. the drive was not too bad. we hooked up the DVD player, I knitted and slept.
the town of Stirling has an 'easter egg hunt" which really is a 'pick the candy up off the ground' but my kids love it. and check out the haul!
tons of sugar. and tons of candy wrappers all over the house. sorry about that grandma!

the three bluish tin buckets are ours. I spray painted them without knowing that I really should have primed them first. I am hoping to fix them up and paint them again, and maybe get the kids names in vinyl lettering to put on each bucket. that would be fun.

I headed to walmart this morning to see if I could get some choclate bunnies to stash in the freezer for future fondues, but all the easter stuff was gone. wow. all for the better, I guess.
Jack is sitting by me harrassing me because he wants to go to Walmart and spend all his money. he can't stand to have it and not spend it. but he wants to buy a shoot-em up video game, and I am not too keen on that. not good.

alright. back to life. I have a few etsy orders that I need to get knitted up- yay! and a house that needs cleaned up.
the weather man said it might snow tonight. what is up with that? craziness.


Lynn said...

Oh man!!!

We should of gone to Stirling this weekend! We thought about it. Our daughter Cassie and her husband Jon live there and so does my brother David and his wife.

We could of met up at the Easter Egg hunt.

Looks like it was an awesome Easter Weekend for ya'!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristi!! My girls can share, sometimes they can be pretty good at it. You can just hold on to it until we see you again. It's just another excuse to get together! Glad you had a fun trip and got home safe.