Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's Thursday!

man, that long weekend really threw me off. all day yesterday I was thinking it was Thursday- but it was only Wednesday. but now it is Thursday, so here are my Thursday 13!

1. I am trying to put some pictures on my blog, but all I am getting is that computer gobbldygook- that means something to somebody, but absolutely nothing to me.
all I know is that it is not a picture, like it should be. sheesh.

2. I was trying to show you a quilt top- I am almost done one for the girls room- just need to add on a white border around the edge, then the quilting can begin.

3. yesterday I had it layed out on the living room floor, so I could check the size of it, and I was asking maggie if she liked it. I am pretty sure she didn't even see it, but she yelled from the other room- "it's gorgeous!"
I love that girl!

4. I also had a picture of the girls closet. but it doesn't look like much. yet. Cory has big ideas. I do know that he has sat in that closet and pondered for quite some time, so I am expecting nothing less than fabulousness in there.

5. it is warming up outside, so I am hoping later today, or for sure by tomorrow, I can begin priming the beds, and painting them for the room. yay! sadly it has been below 5 degrees for the last few days, and the paint can says it should be between 10 and 32 (or so) when you paint.

6. good thing Jed has a bunk bed in his room. he has been sharing with the girls since their room has been taken apart. and the girls have been sharing the single bottom bunk. cozy.

7. I ordered a new tread for my treadmill. can't wait until it comes. and gets installed. probably not by me. but I might have to try. my membership at the gym expires tomorrow. I should go today, and tomorrow. and hopefully my part will come early in the week.

8. the 5k run is in less than 2 months. yikes. the farthest I have gone - on a treadmill- is 2.3k. and I felt like I might die. I need to run more.

9. my living room is a whole lot tidier than in my last post. the toddler bed has found a new home, the dresser has been put right, and the drawers put back in, and most toys have found a new home in the basement. so now- I have a dresser and a matress right by the front room window. not too bad. much better than it was, that's for sure!

10. apparently lunch foods are running low in our home.
no tubes! yikes. no cheese strings! catastrophe.
I think a trip to costco might be needed. that is always a good time.

11. I only have 4 more days of teaching seminary! there are only 6 days left of seminary! hurray!- until next year that is. but oh, those 3 months of not having to wake up at 5:30 will be so sweet.

12. getting Ben up to get to seminary in the morning next year will not be so sweet. he is not the best at getting up in the morning. unlike Jed. you just have to look at him in the morning and he is up and gets ready right away. ahh. I am hoping he will still be that way when he is in grade 9! haha.

13. tomorrow I am going to make muffles for my class. what are muffles, you ask?- well-
I'll tell you tomorrow!


Lynn said...

12. We have two boys just like Ben and Jed. Named Colby and Corey. LOL!

Shelley said...

WHAT??? You can't just reveal my secret of all secrets to the whole world!! Sheesh. How will I make my millions?

I was hoping for a picture of the cupcakes? how was it? And I would love to go to Costco with you if you haven't gone already!!

Kayli said...

What are tubes?

Joanne said...

hee hee I can't wait to hear what muffles are! I wish i could be there to organize and see the fabulousness in action. I'[ll have to settle for pictures then!!!