Friday, May 15, 2009


I got a phone call from my mom, in the morning, telling us that supper was at their house tonight.
this could only mean one thing-
they got their mission call!
so we gathered, made our guesses- then ate a delicious dinner.
then, when we could wait no more, they opened it!this was my mom's reaction. I think she is a bit shocked. so- where are they going?
well, they are going to Baguio, Phillipines!

(here's a little picture I found on the internet. ) it looks beautiful. and it is hot there. my mom doesn't like hot. but they are going to be working in an office-hopefully it is air conditioned!
-and us girls are already planning a trip to go visit them. when it is cold here. and nice and hot there.
can't wait.
so exciting. for them. we will miss them. I mean- who will tell me how to cook a turkey- every time I cook one? and no more meals at their house all cooked by mom. but it is all good.
what a great adventure!
(and the green faced kid is my nephew. my brother in law doesn't want pictures of his kids on the internet. just so you know. he really doesn't have a green face like that. in case you were wondering!)


Lynn said...

Oh that is SO exciting for your mom and dad!! Congratulations!!!

Just Us said...

How exciting for them! Definitely start saving and planning on going. A once in a lifetime opportunity. That is great.

Joanne said...

whoooo hoooo that is so exciting!!! Congrats to them!

Andrea said...

I like how everyone is coordinated in your photos- even the green faced kid.