Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. we have the beds painted, and in the girls room! yay.

2. they actually slept in there last night, but I am not revealing yet, since we taped up tin foil on the windows so it would be dark (very white trash-ish)

3. and I am almost done quilting one quilt- but still need to find some great fabric for the binding, then need to get going on the other.

4. so, when the quilts are done, and real curtains are up- then you can have a looksie. okay?

5. oh, and maybe a few cute things on the wall. I have some ideas, but apparently they need to be approved by the head construction forman/decorator dude. haha.

6. and I have some cute ideas for some pillows for their beds. boy, I had better get busy sewing!

7. I needed to go to Home Depot yesterday, and I needed to do some walking, so I combined the two- popped maggie in the stroller and off we went. it didn't take as long as I thought, and was actually a really great walk! might have to think of a few more things I need to pick up there!

8. we just had a little playdate at the park. man, it was chilly and windy. then we came home and sat on the front steps and it was very warm. what is up with that?
I guess my front steps are sheltered from that cold wind. I think I will sit out there all afternoon!

9. Sadie has been doing swimming lessons with her class at school. she has requested that I come and see her swim this afternoon. but I don't want too. but I will. does that make me a bad mom and a good mom- all at the same time? I can live with that.

10. I taught my last day of seminary yesterday. but they are doing a big breakfast tomorrow that I am going to crash- because I can. then no more seminary for three months. hurray!

11. hopefully today, or tomorrow, or someday really soon I can get rid of this dresser that is in my living room. that will be nice. and along with it- it was given to as as a set of three dressers, so Cory is big on sets and stuff, so all three must leave together, so we are actually going to be getting rid of three dressers. ahh. more space. less stuff. I am liking that. a lot.

12. my tread for my treadmill got delivered this morning. any bets as to how long it will take to get it on the treadmill?
(I am hoping not too long, but in reality, it could be a really long time. I mean, really. I think you pretty much have to take the whole thing apart to get it on! yikes.)

13. my silly girl.

happy Thursday!

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Together We Save said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the girls room. You have a beautiful family BTW.