Thursday, May 07, 2009

13 blogs you should check out.

- if you have the time, and the inclination, that is!
I thought I would share some blogs I have found and enjoyed.

I just found her- love it.

check out this download you can print off to give to your special someone before mothers day, so they can get you just what you want! so fun- but I do think she forgot the chocolate box. that is what I would check for sure!

just look at this quilt she made, and you will know why I like her blog!

3. v & co. I am sure I have shared this link before, and I am sure I will share it again. she is thrifty, and crafty, and super cute. love it!

she made curtains out of drop cloths. what is not to love?

she decorates houses. and does it beautifully. some day I want my house to look like hers.

5. a friend to knit with

with a blog name like that, how can it not be good?

cake pops. yum. and sprinkles. double yum

7. the shabby nest. super cute decorating ideas. and thrifty too!

8. confessions of a twenty something drama queen

I think she is so funny. and presh.

9. Design mom so trendy and with it.

everything I am not, but want to be!

10. my insanity- and I quote "an insane amount of ideas"

what is not to love?

11. kate benson photography- because I do love photography, and I do love her style. love.

12. the farm chicks

anyone want to go to washington in June? so fun. thrify goodness.

13. the urban photo blog
another photographer I greatly admire.

now go, look, have fun. then get off your computer and get some sun!


Joanne said...

ummmmm let's go ( to washington I mean). I LOVED this post. thanks for sharing-now I'll NEVER get off this computer :)

Lynn said...

Great links! Thanks for sharing!