Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 minutes

on monday for family home evening, Cory told us to pretend we had to get out of our house- we had 10 minutes to grab everything we wanted to take, then we had to get to grandma's house.

this is what the gathered stuff looked like- but the vacuum was already there, and the laundry basket. I wouldn't bring those.

it was interesting to see what everyone grabbed.

one of the boys grabbed the globe. love it.

ben grabbed the quilt I made him. that made me happy.

another boy grabbed a whole pile of games and puzzles.

just in case we get bored, I guess.

Cory made several trips bringing up all the scrapbooks.

it was interesting to think about what is important to us, and what can and can't be replaced.

(there have been some wild fires by some towns close to here, so some people in our ward have been on stand by to evacuate- but I think the fires are under control now.)

something to think about.

and I really should get a big 72 hour kit together.

add it to the to-do list!


Kim said...

We got a 72 hour kit from Costco awhile ago and then i just added stuff to it.

Anonymous said...

your kids grabbed some interesting stuff! Would be interesting to see what my family would bring!

Lynn said...

WE just did this too for FHE. Loved it. IT surely is an eye opener on so many levels! I am glad we got our permanent list now posted by the door, so we know for SURE what needs to be grabbed and taken with us.

Love the picture you took. That will be a cool memory of your activity.

Bobbi-Jo said...

What a fabulous idea for FHE. I think we'll do that this week. Nice!

Andrea said...

what? You don't want to take your vacuum? lol.
love the new header photo and your profile photo. cuteness!

Kayli said...

Hey, where was your mother's day picture?!!!

Marcia said...

What a great exercise. I love the new picture of the family on you blog.