Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it was a ball

on Friday night we went bowling.
much to Ben's dismay.
he really wanted to go laser tagging.
but that wasn't really something we all could do.
but bowling was!
we got our shoes- so snazzy.
(man, it was dark in there, and loud. and hot. but it was tons of fun)

found balls that we could lift. - we had to get a special light one for Maggie.
then the boys took a lane and the girls got a lane.
I had them put up the bumpers for the girls, but next time I am having them put up for me too!
too many gutter balls. yikes.
then we noticed some teens - maybe preteens- who can tell? using a cool metal thing that you put your ball on, then push it down a ramp to get more speed going. fun. so we found one for Maggie. I think Sadie used it a few times too.
maybe I should have used it too.
Maggie kicked my butt.
maybe she will be a great bowler like my Grandma Thomsen was!
who knows.

just today she was telling me that she likes bowling now. such a funny girl!

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Lynn said...

Hey, Great plan....bowling.......why didn't I think of that. We could still use some indoor fun ideas.....Spring is still not here, and Winter is back to stay for another week. : (