Saturday, May 02, 2009


while at work on Friday, Cory overheard a guy talking to the ladies, telling them about an estate sale he was having- selling his mom's stuff.
according to Cory there would be hundreds of jeans, and thousands of shoes, or thousands of jeans and hundreds of shoes.
he couldn't remember which.
either way, I was sold.
so I went.
and I don't think that guy was a very good estimator, there was maybe 30 pairs of shoes, and just a whole lot of old lady clothes.
but I managed to have a good time.
this is what I got.and a bread machine-now was it $10 like the green sticker said, or $5 like the red sticker at the back?
well, I just gave the guy a $20 for all the stuff, and called it good.
and that bag in the pile- the pretty blueish/greenish flowery one-
well, it was full of knitting needles. tons of them. I sorted them out- kept a very few that I didn't already have that size of, and paired the rest up, and will attempt to sell them at a garage sale we will hopefully be having next weekend. with my mom's help.
should be good.
so- the bread machine- it came with a cook book, but not the instruction manual. so I decided- what the heck, let's try it. so I did,
and this is what I got.
a tiny loaf.
I had a piece. it was very dense.

I think I need to find a manual.
because it could be very fun.
-if I can get it to make light, fluffy, delicious bread.
ps- thanks for all your comments with my last post.
I really appreciate your support.
crafting, and sharing ideas is such a great thing.
the internet is such a great resource.
I love it.


Anonymous said...

get online Kristi! My kids dumped a glass of water on the manual for my bread maker and I googled it. It popped right up and reprinted it.

Shelley said...

I have been looking everywhere for that crazy plates book. Sheesh. If you find another one... or any of their other books, please find it in your heart (and wallet) to purchase them for me!!
Yes, I too was going to say look online for the manual. You will find EVERYTHING there. Good for you for trying!