Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1. I find it so funny that Maggie is always- always dancing and singing around the house. but when it came time for the kids at church to go up and sing their mother's day song, she would have nothing to do with it.
crazy girl.
2. I didn't get a picture of me and the kids on mother's day. I will have to do a make up picture on the Sunday coming up, and pretend we took it last week. no one will really know- I mean in a few years it won't matter that it was a week late, right?
3. isn't Ben cute? or should I say handsome? studly? a hunk? I love this picture by Rebecca Cooper. love it. what a babe.

3. Cory commented that I should change my header picture back- that you can't really tell what we are doing in the picture-
we are all eating suckers! heart suckers. so now you all know. and since a few of you commented that you like the picture, I will leave it for a while. until something better comes along. - these were also done by Rebecca. so fun.
( I love that Sadie is totally taking a lick. so funny.)
4. I totally want to have a wall full of pictures in the basement, so I need to go get some pictures enlarged, and maybe a few more frames, hopefully I can get that done soon! I am so excited.
5. I bought some watermelon this week.
very much makes me think of summer.


6. then today we have this.

very much not summer. yuck.

7. we have gone camping on the May long weekend with a few families for years now. last year it was actually warm. some years- not so warm. the way it is going today, I am thinking that it might not be so warm.

but, our van is having issues. we are pretty sure it is due to the oil change incident- but we have no proof, and since our van was at the limit for weight it should pull anyways with our trailer-

anyways, we aren't going camping this weekend. and we are having issues deciding if we should just buy a bigger vehicle that can pull the trailer- and use more gas, or sell the trailer and get a smaller van.

and Cory and I are not the best at making decisions. so many choices. what to do, what to do.

8. but I am glad we are staying home. hopefully we can get some stuff done around here.

9. so, on Tuesday afternoon a nice young man in a suit came to my door and asked me if he could steam clean my carpets. for free. no catch. all I had to do was tell my friends and family what a great job they did.

well, since my livingroom carpet could really use a cleaning, I said okay. so he called his boss guy, and they came back in a few minutes carrying the box. the minute I saw the box I knew.


oh no. I told them. I am not buying a Kirby vacuum. so just go now if you want, or you can stay and clean, but I am not buying your stuff. I told them how the last Kirby guy who came to my house- when we lived in Calgary made me cry. yup. nice. he was very high pressure, and how come I wouldn't buy his $2000 + vacuum without my husband there. I didn't need him to tell me it was okay. yikes. it was not pleasant.

anyways, the guy said he would not pressure me, and proceeded to vacuum my living room for the next hour. showing me all the dirt he got out of my rug. gross.

then it was getting to be dinner time, and he still hadn't steam cleaned. so I said it was okay- I didn't need that. so anyways, he called his boss guy- who dropped him off, and he was going to come and get him in about 10 minutes.

so he packs up his stuff and goes to sit on the steps to wait.

Cory comes home and chats with him a bit. tell him how he sold Kirby vacuums once upon a time too! I can hardly believe it!

it was pretty cold out- snowy like today. so I did tell him he could wait inside, but he said it was okay.

anyways, we eat dinner. and the guy is still waiting.

so we invite him back in again, and he says okay this time.

so we watch the news together and chat. he was nice. from BC. didn't really like doing sales. finally the boss guy came - over an hour after he called him. nice. poor guy.

I was just sad that he could have steam cleaned my carpet in all that time he was waiting. darn it.

10. I joined in on Crazy mom quilts block a day nine patch quilt along. and wasn't doing one a day- or following along well. but I did sew up 6 squares yesterday. we are supposed to be at 17. yikes. I have some sewing to do.

11. and due to that yummy watermelon, and little girls eating it and dripping it's juicy goodness all over the floor, I have some floors to mop. fun for me.

12. when we were having the garage sale, my sister Shelley came in and spent a while helping the girls clean up their room. it was so nice. but it is not so nice any more. but today I am going to get it nice again. yes, I am.

13. have a happy Thursday!


Shelley said...

oh my that makes me want some watermelon. It would be super cute if you were all licking your suckers! Love it. Otherwise you look like a family of smokers! ha! Quite the vacuum story. Good thing you are a fun family and not a bunch of weirdos he got stuck with. But yes, too bad he didn't steam clean the whole time he was waiting.
I can't believe their room isn't clean. Next time I come, everything that is on the floor is going to be thrown in a box and taken with me. Your sewing room too! :)

Joanne said...

cute cute cute pictures and fun sucker idea! and I would have come up to visit but I thought you were camping the weekend away. have fun doing the house stuff this weekend!

Andrea said...

Wow- never had a vacuum guy come to my door. How lucky are you. Poor guy.
Yummy watermelon. We've been enjoying it here.
I say buy a bigger vehicle and camp the summer away. Or if you do sell, let us know first.
what? the room wasn't still clean from when I did it??
handsome hunky boy you have there.

Lynn said...

Oh man! We had the SAME Kirby guy at our house in Calgary! I swear! IT was a NIGHTMARE to get him OUT of our house!!! He wouldn't leave until we bought one. Biggest mistake ever! It was a nightmare to get out of the contract. At least the guy finally left the house....we should of just called the police.

I really LIKE your family pic on the banner. I knew exactly what you were doing. I have the same kind of picture. LOL!