Monday, May 04, 2009

what a guy!

thanks to home-ec classes at school-
that everyone has to take,
Ben learned how to sew-
(or sue as he says it- he claims that's how his teacher says it)
and he made these pajama pants! pretty cool.
and he knows how to make orange julius'-
isn't that what everyone learns in home-ec?
so I need to keep the freezer stocked with orange juice concentrate.
when will they teach him how to cook a full meal?
oh- maybe that's my job.
I had better get on that.


Joanne said...

wow that is pretty good! i'm coming over for julieus'. Hey I am LOVING the pink gnome hat.... cute stuff.

Anonymous said...

good job Ben! You know much more about sewing than me!

Andrea said...

He's a natural!
You should teach him all you know :)

Lynn said...

He has your talented genes. Great sewing Ben!