Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's just me

sorry. apparently I just had my blog set on the wrong thing, I was only seeing the html, when really the pictures were there. yikes. I have a lot to learn.
so- anyways, here is the closet. I don't get it either, but apparently it is going to be great. I can't wait.

here is a glimpse of the quilt.
shadowy, and wrinkled, but just wait until you see it quilted and on a new bed in a fun blue room. ooowee. it will be gorgeous. (or so I am told)
last night I went to my sister's enrichment. we had to bring a dozen cupcakes and were learning different ways to decorate them. this is what I came home with-

I don't know that I will ever again make a pig, elephant or sheep for a cupcake in my life, but they were kind of fun to learn.
those colorful flowers are just marshmallows cut up, then dipped in colored sugar. cute and easy. I will definitely be making those again!


Lynn said...

Very cute!!!

The cupcakes AND the quilt and closet plans. : D

bknmkalhyland said...

What a fun enrichment idea! I'm excited to see the final room. I'm starting to feel inspired to finally start my girls room.

Joanne said...

holy moly busy lady but what a fun fun fun enrichment! i CAN'T wait to see the new bedroom. makeovers make me happy!

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are adorable Kristi! You'll have to teach me sometime.

Marcia said...

What a fun idea to learn to decorate cupcakes. Love, love the new quilt. Very sweet.