Tuesday, May 12, 2009

science fair

so- guess who got first place for the grade 8's in the science fair?
not ben,
but he did get second place! (sorry for the glare. the title says home sweet home?)

I told him the colored dots on his display sealed the deal.
anything with colored dots deserves a prize in my books!

he did his project on decibels, and the safe level for any noise- then tested people by having them listen to music at a certain volume, and having them guess if it is within the safe limit for listening. very interesting, no?


Anonymous said...

Good job Ben!

Lynn said...

Great idea! Love the layout too! Way to go Ben!

Andrea said...

Awesome. What a smartie. Must have all been from his visit to byu as a baby. :)
Love the dots. It does make all the difference.