Thursday, June 04, 2009


1.yesterday was really hot. really nice. I took the girls to the park and had to sit in the shade! I love it.
but it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow, and even cooler by the weekend.
sad. such is the weather here.
why do we live here?
I am not too sure.

2. need a yummy salad for a barbeque or a potluck?
try this:
cut up some brocolli and some cauliflower into little chunks.
grate some cheese.
(how ever much you want- if you are feeding a crowd, cut up and grate a bunch, or just do a bit if it is for your picky family, and only a few of you eat it)
then add three cheese ranch dressing, mix it up until it is a bit saucy.
because that is how we like them.
a bit saucy. haha.

enjoy. so delish.
"try it, you'll like it"- yo gabba gabba.

3. the tree outside in our front yard is so gorgeous right now.

I wish it could stay like this all summer, but sadly, it only lasts a week or two. but I am loving it. and it smells so pretty.

4. on the school camp there were 3 boys and 16 girls. what? weird.
I haven't seen any of the pictures they took yet.
but Ben stayed up till 12. or maybe it was 3:30.
who can tell at that time of the night?
so, when I was telling him to go to bed at 9 last night, it was just too early for him.

5. when we were out doing some more errands yesterday Maggie said from the back seat- "I see the eiffel tower" I said "what?"
she said "I mean the pool tower". I was still confused.
oh- I said- "you mean the water tower?"
"yah, the water tower."
funny girl.

6. why- on wheel of fortune, do people always buy vowels at the beginning of the puzzle? I mean really, it should be like a last resort- you are nearing the end, and just need some help. but at the start- save your bucks and just guess a consonant.
just had to get that off my chest.

7. we don't get tv any more. the one in our basement doesn't get any reception, since we cancelled our cable. but I did see a Wheel of Fortune episode last week when I was at my mom's.

8. but we do watch videos. we aren't completely off the tv.

9. but I don't really miss it. maybe because survivor is over, and the office season is done. we might have to work something out come the fall.

10. Maggie picking some dandy's (as she likes to call them)

11. now all the yellow ones have gone to seed. I might have to go out and take some more pictures in that!
I think our town needs to do a little weed control!

12.Maggie is off at a friends house for the morning, so I need to go and get something constructive done.

13. happy thursday!

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Lynn said...

I Totally hear ya on No. 11! WE live next to a SEA of yellow dandy's. : D