Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4, 3, 2, 1, blast off!

the count down is on.
4 more days of school.
I can't decide how I feel about it all.

I have some plans for the summer.
not big ones, just little ones to make things funner.
for example:
I am going to make a big chart- for reading. and we are going to write all the chapter books we read this summer. and I am going to set a goal. I was thinking 100- we are avid readers, sometimes, and when we reach the goal, do something super fun. what? I don't know yet.

I am hoping to hit some movies at the cheap theater. Up, Hannah Montana, and whatever else looks super fun.

I am hoping to get some sort of job thing figured out, so we can all do a bit of work to get the house cleaned up, then have some fun.

I am hoping to do a mini cooking class- teaching the kids how to make some food.

and I am hoping to do some art stuff. I know Jed and Sadie would be all over that. I found a big huge picture in a frame I bought at Value Village. I was initially thinking of making it into a chalkboard, but now I have another idea, but need to make a better plan for it. I will share when we decide what to do with it in the end!

I am hoping to go to a Upick strawberry patch. I always thought that would be fun, and I think Maggie is old enough to help a bit, although now that I think about it, that could be bad. all the kids whining. hmm. might have to rethink this one.

anyways, nothing big, some little stuff to help the summer go smoother.

but first we must get through the exams for Ben, field trips, grade 6 grad, rocket blast off, which has been postponed twice, now it is supposed to be on Friday morning- I hope the weather is good, or those kids might revolt.-our school has a rocket club- (the kids from grades 4-6 build a rocket, then they blast it off at the end of the year. it is a big/fun thing around here. but silly Jed said he didn't want to do it. that kid is wacko.)
One more trip to the dentist. our week is packed.
next week, with nothing at all on the calendar is looking mighty fine!


Andrea said...

sounds like a fun summer. You also need to come play at the beach- lots!
hope the rockets get blasted off.
Jed's a cutie!

darlene said...

Kristy are you interested in a real good deal on fat quarters right there in Edmonton?

Talia said...

don't you love when school is over???
love your blog banner! so fun!!