Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday thirteen

1. after trying for weeks to sell our trailer, it is now gone.

yes, I am sad, and Maggie is especially sad. but our van could no longer handle it, and we need a new van, but not ready to pay the price for gas for a suburban, and not really wanting a big huge van, and really hoping to try to get out of debt soon, so we had to say good bye.

2. one time when someone came to look at the trailer, Maggie was crying in the house saying "it's not for sale, it's not for sale." it was so cute. and so sad. poor girl. But she is excited to go camping in a tent.

me, not so much.

I will miss the bathroom. the shower. the fridge, the microwave.

hmm. maybe I should have cried- it's not for sale.

really loud.

3. the people that came to buy the trailer brought their little puppy Max. my little kids were all over him. he was cute.

but he is a husky/lab cross. and will be big. yikes. not so cute then.

no puppies in our immediate future.

4. yesterday was the Celebration of Learing at the elementary school. they had the first division first- which is the kindergarten to grade three. so I sat through that. every kid got a certificate. it took a while. then they left, and the older division came in. and it started all over. we sang Oh Canada again, and the principal did the exact same start. the lady behind me, who also has kids in both divisions whispered to me- does this sound familiar? I said it was like dejavu. then all those kids got awards.

what a morning.

5.luckily Maggie got to go play with a friend who has two brothers in div 1, and they didn't have to stay for the second one. Keeping little kids happy and quiet for that long is not easy.

and I was running out of candy.

6. then that afternoon- grade 6 grad. it was fun. a couple of kids got to tell the groups memories of each grade, then there was a little slide show of all their baby pictures. brought a tear to my eye. so little and sweet. then this-


7. the shirt Jack is wearing- we think we need to market them! we just cut out a tie shape out of fabric and appliqed it on- he got so many comments. a bit dressy, but not really. funny.
8. Maggie and I got to go downtown to the dentist. good times. at an intersection a few blocks from the dentist, a big double length bus had hit the corner of a van that was turning, and was blocking the whole other side of the road. I was glad we were going the direction that we were!
9. still need to get going on the teacher gifts. one day left!
10. 5 more days until my parents are off on their mission. wow!
11. then a few more weeks, and one of my sisters is moving to the other side of the country.
sad stuff.
12. I love this-
wouldn't it be so fun to have big hanging in your kitchen?
I think so.
I just saw it on someone's blog- I emailed for info, and she said it was from Swiss Miss. I need to track it down and see if I can get me a print of it. love it.
13. have a very happy Thursday


Joanne said...

ahhhh I can't believe it is gone- you should have cried! Cute milk and cookies poster. do the smarties thing- that is what I craft lifted from you a few years ago and it is a hit in my household!

darlene said...

It is for 70 fat quarters for 64.99. Its on ebay and her name is memoriesforeternity. you proabably know ebay better than me but i just went to quilting fat quarters.

Kayli said...

Do you want Brett to look for a suburban for you? He's REALLY good at it... ours is really really nice and cost $3500. score.

That story reminds me of when our dad was selling the boat, and whenever one of the kids would answer the phone and they asked about it, we would say "sorry, it's already sold." A wonder he ever did sell it. :)