Tuesday, June 30, 2009


the last activity for the cubs this year was a mini triathalon.
one of the guys who was helping did a little speel before it started about not going so hard at the beginning, but saving your energy so you aren't so tired half way through. good advice.
then the boys took off.
and Jed was giving it his all.
so much for saving his energy! (Jed passing by his cheering team- the signs say go Jed go.)
when they got to the swimming part, they did their lap, then we all got to play in the pool for an hour. good times.
so, our Relief Society is doing a 5k run/walk on Saturday.
I was ready before.
but now, not so much.
I think I might die.
or else what doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

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Lynn said...

Good luck on Saturday! Wish I was there with a sign to cheer you on.. you'll just have to picture it. : D