Tuesday, June 09, 2009

oh, Martha

I was walking down the aisle in Walmart, with all the kids, because the big boys NEEDED shoes. and I saw this. and it came home with me.
so fun.
and it was 30% off. like all the books there, but that sealed the deal.
so for a few days now I have been flipping through its pages.
wondering where to start.
well, this is what I started with:

one bowl chocolate cupcakes. yummy. denser than a cake mix.
and made in one bowl. fabulous.
now, I really wanted to try one of the fancy icings, but all the ones that were catching my eye needed egg whites or cream cheese.
and since I used the last two eggs in the house on the cupcakes, and had no cream cheese, I made our standby favorite peanut butter frosting.
so delish.

but I went grocery shopping today, and now we have plenty of eggs,
and even some cream cheese,
so I am going to have to flip through the book some more and choose which ones to try next!


Joanne said...

I totally just saw that book and said to myself, " step away from the book" i'm glad you didn't! I want the peanut butter icing recipe please!!!

Andrea said...

Cute! How did you do that? I need some cupcake lessons. And that recipe too.

Lynn said...

I'm with Joanne! Where's the recipe for your standby icing?!! That's looks delish!!