Thursday, June 25, 2009

sweet stuff

last weekend was our ward campout.
our activity leader has a cotton candy machine.
she is an older lady, whose kids are grown up.
she is very nice.
she lets the kids have as much cotton candy as they want.
because she doesn't have to take them home.
the kids that is.
when they are all wired up with sugar.
she said that.

funny, huh?

so anyways, Maggie got some cotton candy,
I called to her to come over so I could take a picture- and she told me
"this is the best day of my wife (life)"

so cute.

the next day sadie was sick from so much sugar.
sweet, no?


Lynn said...

Hmmm......maybe you should call Sadie's leader to come and take care of the sick the next day. No?

Gotta admit though....Maggie looks SO happy with her cotton candy! ; )

Andrea said...

so cute!