Monday, June 15, 2009

sun, and sweets.

Saturday and Sunday were HOT. really hot.
so finally, on Sunday, since Cory was actually home- he went on a canoe trip with the scouts on Friday and Saturday,
we got him to blow up the new pool.
and the kids needed to go sit in the freezing cold, straight from the tap water. yikes. I decided to wait until today, when the water should be warmer, but of course, it is not as hot outside. sheesh. we will see what this afternoon brings. but I very well might be chilling in the pool!
and - try two of Martha's cupcakes- this time devil's food cake- from scratch, and cream cheese icing. both recipes in her book. very yummy.
will for sure make these again!


Joanne said...

i wanna come and play in your pool too! and eat those divine cupcakes. I may have to buy that book.

bknmkalhyland said...

We have a EZ set pool (3ft by 15ft) My girls would not get in today because it felt like a hot tub. The water that come straight our of our hose is HOT! Crazy stuff here in Texas!! I think we might put lots of ice cubes in it tomorrow lol!

Andrea said...

I'll be coming over for a visit one of these days.