Friday, June 05, 2009

it's scrappy

done. 1 stacked coins quilt.
I always wanted to try one of these. very fun. and very scrappy.
the back is just a solid pink sheet. I wish I would have made another strip and used it on the back. but that is more work.
and I am lazy.
and it is done.
maybe on the next one!
now- I just need to find some more white fabric so I can finish up Sadie's quilt- I am sure I have some buried in my sewing room somewhere.
must get moving on the girls room! I am heading to Home Depot today to see if I can find some white curtains that have the dark fabric- their room gets a lot of sun, so we need to be able to make it dark so they will be able to go to sleep at a decent time.
(and we really need to get that tinfoil off their window!)


Andrea said...

I love it!!
Very very cute.
Can't wait to see the finished room.

Anonymous said...

that looks amazing Kristi! Good luck on the blinds!

Lynn said...


I should put tinfoil on my window. For now I'm sure using a fashionable large beach towel draped over the thin curtains. : S

Kayli said...

Sooooo cute!`

Marcia said...

It's beautiful! Did you quilt it yourself?

bknmkalhyland said...

Hey, I just bookmarked this quilt! I was thinking of making them for my girls! We are in the process of redecorating their room. Tell me, was it too hard or not too bad? Also, what dimensions did you use? Your's looks great!!!!!