Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday 13

1. Cory was talking on the phone, with a guy about young men's camp, and he said the boys are thinking it will be a more leisurable camp. is that a real word- leisurable? sounds weird to me.

2. last week , while eating some ice, which Cory always tells me I need to stop doing, one of my teeth broke. so I made an appointment, and Maggie and I headed off downtown to the dentist. 3. turns out it was one of my crowns. so I made another appointment for this week. but I went alone, because it was a long one. 1 1/2 hours of sitting there, being frozen, drilled, suctioned, molded. oh, the fun.

4. next week I get to go back and get a permanent crown. I think it would be fun if it was silver. but I suppose it gets to be porceline, which also sounds quite hoity toity, so I guess that is alright!

5. Ben, my big junior high schooler is done school. how? why? yikes. he has 3 more exams, every other day, which he goes to first thing in the morning, then comes home when he is done. today he was home at ten. my time is being quickly sucked away from me.

6. I had a fun idea for teacher gifts- something knitted up, I tried one today- with no success. now what? any ideas?- cheap and easy? I might just use the fall back smartie idea. always a good one.

7. on Friday night, Cory was gone on a canoeing trip, so the kids and I headed to the cheap theater- and saw monsters vs. aliens.

(trying to get a picture in the dark. the green bag was stocked with treats. good times) the boys thought it was the best movie ever. I had Maggie hiding on my lap through all the attack scenes. a few good laughs. all in all, a good night.

8. I rode Ben's bike (I don't have one) with jed- well, Jed rode his own bike- we rode together- to Walmart, where I took a memory stick loaded with pictures to get developed. today I am going to pick them up, and put them in my 365 album. wow. I think I will be 1/3 done. there are over 100 pictures there waiting for me. yikes. it will be good to be caught up.

9. I am trying to convince Maggie to walk with me there today to get them, well, she would ride in the stroller, and I would walk, but she doesn't seem too eager. I might have to leave her here with Ben, and ride his bike back there.

10.maybe having my oldest home from school while the younger ones are still in is not such a bad thing. maybe I should go somewhere more exciting than walmart. like H&M. I think I could have a good time there. with no kids. and some money. oh wait. I don't have much of that. sad.

11. grocery shopping with the magster earlier in the week.

for the record- I don't normally buy corn pops. they were on sale. and I have never bought oreo cakesters. they were on sale too. all the healthy stuff is in the back. I promise.

12. so, I was so going to finish Sadie's quilt yesterday. really, I was. but I need about a 2 feet x 2 1/2 inch strip of the binding fabric. of course a few days ago I cut up the last piece to use on a pillow for their beds, not even thinking about the quilt. yikes. I know there was a piece left over from binding Maggies, and the girls were tying it around their stuffed animals, but I can't find it anywhere. I don't want to cut a different piece and just finish it, because then I know the piece I really want will show up. I think I need to do a thourough cleaning/ dejunking. I am sure I would be amazed at the stuff that would turn up.

13. but first I think I should clean up my crafting room, so I can walk to my sewing machine without stepping over 5 things.
you know, I have an inkling that maybe I took it off their toy, and put it in my room. but it could take months to uncover anything in there. yikes. such is the sad state of my life. I had best get on that.


Andrea said...

Ben can come babysit here. Or I can put him to work. Nice.
And I'm sure that the healthy food is at the back. Nice try. lol.
how's the hoity toity tooth?
Can you update my 365 album too?

Sarah said...

Hey, I hope you don't me popping by from a mutual bloggin buddy's contacts. I definitely wanna try out your peanut butter frosting recipe- sounds yummy!

Oreo Cakesters are delicious with a big glass of milk! ;)