Tuesday, June 02, 2009


-library, to return some movies, and get some more. good thing they have a great selection of dora movies!
- bank. take care of some business
- post office- mail off a couple of etsy orders
- knit- work on another etsy order
-tidy up (Cory and Ben are coming home tonight after a 3 day long school camping trip to Jasper!)
-hopefully sew some more on Sadie's quilt.
-make some cookies. and try not to eat too many.
-find the recipe I used a while ago for some wholewheat banana bread. it was yummy, and of course I can't find the recipe. I will have to do some searching online. and make that. and try not to eat too much of it too!
-alright. gotta go , get on it!

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Joanne said...

ahhh the day in the life of a ......MOTHER!!! you go girl!