Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirteen on Thursday

1. the weather has been wonderful here for the last couple of days! have to get out and enjoy it while we can, because around here you know it won't last too long!

2. I just walked Maggie over to a friends house for a play date. beautiful!

3. here is a little peak at the girls room:
this is Maggie's bed. 4. I am going to make a whole bunch of throw pillows that are all a bit different, but all with the same fabric.

5. and Cory wants to make a picket board headboard for their beds.
could be fun!

6. this is in a corner of their room-

7. a cute friend came over and helped make this one. I tried to make a blue one on my own. it is not so cute. that is why it isn't hanging up there yet- I have to fiddle with it some more, see if I can get it cuter.

8. I need to finish the binding on Sadie's quilt, and make her a pillowcase and some pillows, then that part will be done. still more projects to do for that room!

9. Maggie fell down the stairs yesterday:

they are carpeted. She got a bit of carpet burn. ouch.

10. and the green nose- well, that was just from playing with markers on a wipe board, and wiping it with her hands, and getting everything green.
good times.

11. well, I have so many projects on my to do list, and no kids at home, I should go and get busy!

12. the only question is where to start!

13. happy Thursday!


Shelley said...

Their room looks so cute. I will have to come enjoy it in real life.

I am glad to hear the green on Maggie's nose is marker. I thought it was a mega bruise. Yowza.

Joanne said...

that is THE cutest room so far! and I am loving that quilt. can you come and teach me???? nice nose Maggie( i was worried with the green but i'm glad it's just marker!)

Lynn said...

Ouch!!! That nose looks really sore.

As for the room?? SOoooo Cute! Love the color on the wall. It's looks soft, cool, and soothing.