Monday, June 22, 2009

father's day

yesterday was Father's Day,
as you all know.
I woke up feeling awful.
so Cory didn't get a fancy breakfast.
and he took all the kids to church by himself-
except Ben who also woke up feeling sick.
but he did wear the tie Jed made for him at cubs.
what a guy!
yep, it is made of duct tape!
(and it was a good thing I was there to help at cubs when they made it, because some of those cubs made some pretty crazy ties. I convinced Jed to keep it simple, and classy- as much as he wanted to keep adding more colors and designs to it. )
it was pretty tricky to tie, so we ended up cutting it at the back to get it off, and I will just add velcro or something to it, so it can be easily put on if it is to be worn again!
I hope it wasn't too bad of a day for him, in all.
He is a great dad.

thanks Cory! love you.


Andrea said...

ahhh.. he is a great dad.
nice tie! Very classy.

Lynn said...

Cool tie!

Hope you are feeling better Kristi!!

Father's day was the other way around for us. Dean was the sick one. He stayed in bed and I took the kids to church....not that that was anything different for me....but it felt weird knowing that he was home in bed and not at the Stake President's side.

Kami said...

Just have to say-- your blog always makes me grin!