Friday, October 24, 2008

hip, hip hurray!

it's my birthday today! in between finishing up, and in one case- starting- halloween costumes,
I will be enjoying this cake my sweet sister made for me while she was watching my kids.
so sweet!
and then going to the crazy ward halloween party.
good times for all.

and now, once again- as I did last year,
I would love everyone who checks my blog today to leave a comment.
I see the numbers. I know there are a bunch of you out there!
today is the day to come out of the dark, and show yourselves.
don't be shy!
thanks so much! it will make my day!

now, off to sew!


Lynn said...


Andrea said...

happy day eating cake.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!

Kayli said...

Have a great day!

Kami said...

Happy Birthday!

jessica said...

Happy Birthday, you old duck!! hehe.
I called you, Ben better pass on the message!

Joanne said...

I was sending you good birthday thoughts all day yesterday I hope you got them!!! Happy birthday to you! hope it was fabulous and that cake looks yummy.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Happy birthday! Hope you get spoiled silly! And good luck with the ward Halloween party - those things are always CRAZAY!

darlene said...

Happy birthday Kristi! Gotta love October birthdays. We are heading to a primary party today too.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Kristi!! I know I told you on the phone, but just to contribute to the blog reading cause I thought I'd mention it again!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristi. Hope you had a great day!

What did you think of the trunk?

kaylani said...

Feliz Cumpleanoz, that how they say it in Spain. Frohlicher Geburtstag, in German it means the same. Gratulerer med dagen Norwegians say it too. But anyway you say it, it means Happy Birthday to you!

Shelley said...

Thanks for including me in your birthday outing!! I hope the cake was tasty. And I can't wait to see your halloween costumes!!

Marcia said...

Happy belated birthday. Been working and not surfing on the computer much. Just catching up today. I always enjoy stopping by to catch up and see the wonderful pics you take.

It snowed here today. Did you get snow?