Tuesday, October 14, 2008

before and after

what a weekend!
what a great thanksgiving weekend!
I bought some shelves for my craft room- this is before. as you can see, no crafting gets done in there. I usually do it at the dining room table, but the boys, and Cory were cleaning the dining room out and packed all my stuff down here- added it to the pile. something had to be done!after:
well, by no means is it done, but look, I have room at the table to get busy crafting. and the Ikea shelves got assembled, and loaded up with crafts.
I think I need a few shelves and pictures on the wall straight ahead. it will come! slowly but surely.
still a couple of boxes to be sorted and stuff put away. soon. very soon.
before: then- look at these shaggy boys- and a girl. they are digging the long hair look, but dad- and mom- aren't going for it, so to Aunties house we go.
After: much better. they have ears! oh, and I pulled out the winter wear, so the girls were trying it all on. Ben pretends he doesn't like it, but I think he really does.

Before: and then, of course, it was thanksgiving! we had our dinner on Sunday at Grandmas house. yum. so good. love the turkey, potatoes and gravy, stuffing. oh- I love it all. and end it all with pumpkin pie- oh, love it.
After: and it is over. and it was so good!


Andrea said...

great afters. Looking good.
i so wish I could help with the craft area. Guess I'll have to settle for the hair.

Lynn said...

Your craft room looks great!
Love the kids hair cuts too. LOL! I just have to laugh at their facial expressions. Too funny.

jessica said...

love the shelf!

Alison said...

Seriously - I love those tile necklaces!!! I really can't even remember how I found your blog - just hopping this morning and am wondering if I can retrace my steps???? anyways - my e-mail is ganchar@hotmail.com - I'd love more info on prices and what you need from me to make one - or more - for me. Thanks so much!!!

Alison said...

Okay - now I know how I found you :) To find me, go to Joanne, then Bobbi Jo, then Erica, and then One Tree and that is me. Whew! and another question that I thought of is can you make them with pics on both sides, or just one side? Thx again :)